Windows Exit Code 10

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Windows Exit Code 10

Postby Tech Support » Thu Aug 12, 2021 7:43 am

One of our users got this Exit code = 10 when running a WInCommand Task.
Windows Error 10 - The environment is incorrect.

After investigation, the user determined that they did not have Write Access to the Automize12 folder.
We resolved the issue.
Exit code 10 came from the WinCommand.exe, the user running Automize only had write access to
C:\Program Files\Automize12\data
C:\Program Files\Automize12\temp
And no write access to C:\Program Files\Automize12, which is where WinCommand.exe writes a file to when executing a task.

After setting the write access to C:\Program Files\Automize12 the tasks run correctly.
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