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Postby Tech Support » Fri Nov 02, 2007 8:31 am

1) Yes, you should be able to run a 2nd script from within a script though I have never tried it.

2) // set a user variable value
Script.setVar("newVariable", "variable testing" );
String value = Script.getVar("newVariable");
Script.out("New Variable value = " + value );

3) You can also use a set variables task released in 7.36 - here you would have to set the task parameters.. then call the task to set the variable.. but obviously 2) above is simpler..
Patch ID = 7.36 - Use with Versions 7.00 or later ONLY
Patch release date: 08/14/07
* New Set Variable task added. Previously user variables could only be set via commandline.
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