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Postby Tech Support » Wed Nov 07, 2007 9:26 am

Use a Directory Loop Task, to call a Task Sequence task:

1) Directory loop settings:
TaskTitle = dirloop
Select option to "Run Task if file exists"
Task to Run = TaskSequence
select other options as needed.

2) Zip task settings:
TaskTitle = zipper
Filename = $%dirLoop::CurrentFilename%$
Name for Zip Archive = $%dirLoop::CurrentFilename%$.zip
select other options as needed

3) Copy (move) task settings:
TaskTitle = mover
mode = move
Filename = $%dirLoop::CurrentFilename%$
select other options as needed

4) TaskSequence settings:
TaskTitle = TaskSequence
Step 1 = zipper - Select option to go to step 100 if exit code > 0
Step 2 = mover

Then schedule the dirloop task as required. For every filename, it will run the TaskSequence task, which will zip and move each file.
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