A previous instance of this task is running

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A previous instance of this task is running

Postby Jamie » Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:37 pm

Sometimes a task will hang (mostly FTP or SFTP) indefinitely. When this happens subsequent executions of this task will be prevented. This is what you will see in the task log.
Dec 2, 2013 9:20:01 AM SFTP - FTPS TEST - Start Instance = 9182 - A previous instance of this task is running. This instance will stop immediately. To change overlap behavior, use Synchronization feature.

While this issue happens rarely, once it does happen, it is very difficult to resolve within the task. The solution is a follows:
1) Engine menu – 'Task wait time' feature - select each task with this issue, and set a Task Wait time for the task. Once this wait time has elapsed, the engine will set an exit code and consider the task completed (failed) even if it is hanging. This should then allow the next task instance to run.
2) Engine menu – 'External process' feature - same as above, except that the task is run as an external process. If it does not finish after wait time has elapsed, the external process is stopped. This allows the next instance to run.

Either of these solutions will allow the subsequent instances of the task to run.
Solution 1 is preferred. However,if it is an FTP/SFTP task, the server may not allow it to log back on using option 1. In this case, use option 2.
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