Engine cannot write to logs or variables

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Engine cannot write to logs or variables

Postby melvin » Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:47 pm

We have had a few users on Windows vista, 7, 8 with following problem:
1) Engine cannot write to any log (activity, output, debug or task)
2) Engine cannot read/write variable values
Basically, the software becomes unusable.

Cause: multiple users using the software.
Example: User A normally uses the software. Now user B starts using the software. The Operating system arbitrarily seems to decide that the install folder now belongs to user B or SYSTEM. If user A then uses the software, nothing works.

Solution: Using Windows Explorer, modify the permissions of the install folder (i.e. Automize10 or JaSFTP10 or AbleFTP9 etc..) so that User A (and User B) has full privileges to it.
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