Multiple Processes resulting in Multiple Triggers

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Multiple Processes resulting in Multiple Triggers

Postby melvin » Mon Jul 24, 2006 11:27 am

Multiple triggers of the same schedule occur within 1-5 seconds occur due to the presense of multiple java (or javaw) processes. These multiple java (javaw) processes occur sometimes when users remotely logon and access the Automize user interface on a remote machine.

The Engine acts as a server on port 1967 (version 7), so only one Engine java process can exist on a system. Hence the presense of multiple java (or javaw) engine processes is in theory not possible.

In version 7.03-7.06 we have added improvements to detect and stop multiple triggers due to multiple external processes. If you have this issue, please update to 7.06 or later. Then use the Engine Menu / Engine settings / Scheduler Tab - Select option to prevent multiple triggers in external processes.

The root cause of this issue is unknown. We have had reports of this issue from users using 1) Windows XP terminal servers + remote desktop client and 2) RADMIN.

When this occurs you will see multiple javaw processes in windows Task Manager. Normally if you have the user interface open, you should see 2 javaw processes (1 for user interface + 1 for Engine). If you see more java processes consistently than should be seen, you should:
1) Before you logoff the remote system, shut down and restart the engine.
2) Then shutdown the user interface before logging off the remote desktop server.
3) Finally, before logging of the remote system, also make sure that you only have 1 java process (or javaw) in the task manager. This java process should correspond to the Engine.
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