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Postby Tech Support » Fri Jan 26, 2007 3:26 pm

If your FtpMonitor taskTitle = testing


should not return null if this task found atleast 1 file during its run

Regarding the file date, unfortunately, there is no nested variables supported so you would have to hard code the filepath to get the filemodified date

will output the last modified time of the file, in the date/time format you specify. Please see the DATE variable above, for details on how to format the date. example: if June 21,2002, 3:45 pm was the last modified time of the file c:\temp\test.txt, this variable will output: jun-21-02_15:45:30

We are looking to allow atleast 1 level of nested variables which would allow you to get the modified time of $%testing::FileFound%$

we hope to have this in a future 7.x update
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