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Postby melvin » Wed Feb 21, 2007 6:37 am

Only the Sftp monitor task has a variable (::Filenames) containing the filenames. So you would have to use a Sftp monitor task first

Lets assume your SFtp monitor task title = sftp_monitor
Lets assume your Sftp task = sftp_test

1) In your Sftp task, for the filename field use:

2) In your email tasks message body, you can use the following variable for the transferred filenames:

Following files have been transferred to $%sftp_monitor::SourceDir%$

3) Then use a chain task:
Step 1 = sftp_monitor
Step option = If exit code > -1, go to step 100 (exit chain)
(exit code = -100 for this task if files found, exit code = 0 if no files found, exit code >0 if error occurs)

Step 2 = SFtp upload / download task
Step option = If exit code > 0, go to step 3

Step 3= Success email task
step option = chain always stops at this step

Step 4 = failure email task
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