POP3 SSL - Self Signed Certificate

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POP3 SSL - Self Signed Certificate

Postby melvin » Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:24 pm

Self signed certificates are installed into the java trust store.

1) Self-signed certs need to be copied into:

2) They need to be added to the java trust store:
Open a dos prompt as Administrator (Right click on dos prompt icon and “run as administrator”)

run the following commands in dos:
3) cd “c:\program files (x86)\Automize10\jre\lib\security”

assume your certifcate file is cert.cer and was copied to the security folder.
4)“c:\program files (x86)\Automize10\jre\bin\keytool” -import -alias ca -file cert.cer -keystore cacerts –storepass changeit
(note: do not change the storepass changeit .. That is the default trust store password)

Then restart engine and try again.
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