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MyCommerce Order Questions

Postby Tech Support » Thu Apr 30, 2020 10:24 am

These are frequent questions from customers to MyCommerce.

Q - How to send only license information to end user, but billing information to purchaser:
A - This will happen automatically when an order is placed with a different billing and delivery email address. The product license information is sent to the delivery address. The order receipt is sent to the billing address.

Q - Can Billing info be changed?
A - Unfortunately, we cannot change the billing information on a customer's order once it has been completed. The order would need to be refunded and a new order placed with the correct information.

Q - Can Subscription End date be changed?
A - Unfortunately, we are unable to change the expiration date on an existing subscription.

Q - How to place tax exempt orders?
A - Tax exempt orders are refunded after the fact, so the customer would place their order, then you or our customer service team would refund the tax after uploading their tax exempt form.

Q - Can the customer renew a cancelled subscription?
A - We can attempt the reactivation of the subscription. There would be two ways to do this:
1) The customer can access their MyAccount through the link below and reactivate it themselves. Once they enter the order number (#6xxxxxxxxx), the customer will be taken to a page where they can reactivate the subscription.

2) The customer can contact our Order Support team directly to assist with renewal over the phone. Our US support is open 24 hours a day. Please check our website ( for our support phone number in your country.
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