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Postby Tech Support » Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:37 am

Few things to check:

1) If you are using Service, strange results can often occur if the service account is different from the user account that imported the key.

2) is the Automize GnuPG keystore the default folder? or was it changed to a network location?

3) UNC paths.. when using service, it is preferable to use the UNC equivalent of E:\trans.....

4) Did you restart the service or restart the engine? This becomes important, if the service account is different from user account that starts the Automize user interface.

5) Sometimes GPG will not be able to find your key in the keystore if the keyname is a bit complicated. example:
"john doe (testing this) <>"
In this case, in the profile setup, for the recipient (or sender) field, manually enter the KeyID. You can get the KeyID in the Encryption settings Keystore tab.
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