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private key or public key not found

Postby Tech Support » Mon Aug 14, 2006 10:00 am

The GNUPG keystore is by default located in the users home directory. Hence if another user starts up AutoKrypt / Automize, the keys will not be available.

This error message normally occurs in these cases:

1) You setup the service to run as a SYSTEM or other account that is different from your normal logon account.
2) One user sets up the tasks / keys using one username account. Then logs off. Then another user logs on and tries to run the software using a different username.
3) If the recipient 'Identity' is complicated (email + name + description includes special characters), sometimes GPG will not find the key even though it exists in the keystore. In this case, please enter the Key ID (3rd column in Keystore table).
4) You are using Service to start the engine. However, you enter your encrypt task paths using regular drive notation (D:\... or T:\... etc). You should always use shared drive UNC nomenclature when using Service. Example: for T:\test\encrypt , share the encrypt folder (as "encrypt") to the service account. Then use UNC format: \\servername\encrypt in your task.
5) You are remotely logged (Remote Desktop etc..) and import the key into the user interface. However, the account you remotely log in with is not the same account that the engine is started with. When the task runs, it runs under the engine user account and hence GPG will not find the key.

For causes 1,2,5: Best way is to use the same user account for user interface, engine (service) , or remote login. Another way is to set the GNUPG home directory and keystore to a folder within the Automize\data or Autokrypt\data folder. To do this please read the forum article titled:
How to change the default GnuPG home directory (keystore)
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