How to monitor the service EXTERNALLY

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How to monitor the service EXTERNALLY

Postby Tech Support » Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:36 pm

To monitor the service EXTERNALLY we can check if activityLog is updated. We have to use either Windows Task Scheduler or Mac/Linux Crontab to monitor the service externally.

1) Create an Echo task (New Tasks button - Miscellaneous Folder) - Schedule the echo task to run every 20 minutes, 24x7.. This will force the activityLog to update every 20 minutes, 24x7.

2) Create a FileMonitor task - It should monitor the activityLog file (activityLog.jsd) located within the [install_folder]\data\logs folder. For Automize12, install_folder = Automize12 etc..
FileMonitor task settings:
task title = monitorEngine
Directory = [install_folder]\data\logs (example for Automize12 = c:\program files\Automize12\data\logs)
Filename = activityLog.jsd (case sensitive)
Task to Run = emailNotifyServiceDown
Option = Run task if File Date is 'older than' 30 minute.

3) Create Email task:
task title = emailNotifyServiceDown
subject & message = Automize/JaSFTP/AutoKrypt service down

4) Get the Task Runner code for the FileMonitor task:
Utilities menu / Commandline / Task Runners
This will give you the Commandline & Working directory that will run the FIleMonitor task externally.

5) Use the Commandline & Working Directory to schedule the FileMonitor to run every 30 minutes, 24x7.
On Windows: Use the Windows Task Scheduler: Program to run = Commandline, Start In = Working Directory.
On Mac or Linux: Use the Crontab feature.

6) After you setup Task Scheduler or Crontab, check the activity log and ensure that the echo task is running every 20 minutes and the FileMonitor task is running every 30 minutes.
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