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Email Notification Profile not called

Postby melvin » Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:11 am

User Issue Case Study:

* User had a number of email notification profiles.
* Each profile had a priority level set.
* After editing some profiles, all email notifications stopped.

One of the profiles which was edited, resulted in a priority level of 1, and was erroneously set for All_Tasks, and exit code > 100. This was always the first profile checked. Hence all other task email notifications did not get triggered.

If you have multiple email notification profiles, be very careful of the profiles that apply to All_Tasks. If this profile has a highest priority, then it will be called instead of a profile you expect to be called.

The recommended solution is to have higher priorities for profiles where the task titles are specified. Keep the lowest priority for the profiles which apply to All_Tasks.
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