Versions 11.08 - 11.10 released, 10/17/15 - 03/18/16

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Versions 11.08 - 11.10 released, 10/17/15 - 03/18/16

Postby Tech Support » Mon Mar 28, 2016 8:36 pm

March 18th - AbleFtp, JaSFtp 11.10 is released on Android.
March 1st - JaSFTP 11.09 is released on Android.
January 17th - AbleFTP 11.07 is released on Android.

Patch ID = 11.10 - Use with Version 11.00 or later ONLY
Patch release date: 03/18/16
* FTP-J module now uses JScape FTP library version 9.4.1, release date 03/02/2016
* SFTP-J module now uses JScape SFTP library version 9.4.1, release date 03/02/2016
* Scripting window and debugger now use RSyntaxTextArea library for syntax coloring.
* Ftp Commons and Jscape Browsers now support sending FTP commands.
* Ftp-j Command task now adds more GET functions.
* SFTP JScape module reconfigured to support new version of JScape library, and adds more Key Exchange and Cipher algorithms.
* SFTP Maverick now supports host fingerprint verification in profile.
* BUGFIX: Copy task showed Target directory listing instead of Source Directory listing.
* FTP and SFTP GET modules.. correction done when remote paths showed // instead of /
* BUGFIX: SFTP (Maverick) opened an unnecessary second SFTP connection causing issues with some servers.
* BUGFIX: SFTP (Maverick) appended extension twice if append to filename option is selected. This bug was introduced in recent version of 11.x.
* BUGFIX: Make directory task return 0 even if task failed to make directory.

Patch ID = 11.09 - Use with Version 11.00 or later ONLY
Patch release date: 10/21/15
* Cleaned up various errors and extra logging based on users
* FTP commons browser bugfix introduced in 11.08. In some situations, output was only sent to output log. No output was seen in FTP commons browser when connection error occurs.

Patch ID = 11.08 - Use with Versions 11.00 or later ONLY
Patch release date: 10/17/15
* BUGFIX: SFTPMonitor and SFTPMonitor-j 'Task to Run' field did not support & or | options to run multiple tasks simultaneously or in sequence.
* Copy task - Atomic move option added to Copy Files task. Move is done Atomically, so any process working on the folder will only see the full file, i.e. no partial file available if processed during Move.
* FtpCommand-j: functions MNDGET (Get multiple directories based on names only listing) and MNFGET (Get multiple Files based on names only listing) added.
* FtpCommand task: now supports Ftp profiles. Previously only supported host/port/user/password..
* FtpCommand task: added ReplyCode variable for RFC 959 command responses.
* FTP (commons and jscape) libraries now support sending a Startup FTP command.
* FTP commons now supports client certificates in keystore, and server certificates in truststore
* FTP JScape now supports server certificates in truststore (previously client and server certificates used same keystore)
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