Maintenance Plan

* Starting 2017, we have moved to a yearly subscription based pricing model to cover software maintenance and technical support

* If you purchase 12.x license, you are eligible for all updates from 12.00 through 12.15 etc. Free technical is provided for 1 year after purchase of the license. After this, technical support requires the purchase of a subscription license.

* At the time we release the new major version, we stop putting up old major version updates. Any bugs or suggestions found and reported in an old major version will only be fixed in the latest major version.

* Users of older versions are requested to purchase the upgrade to the new version. No free major version upgrades are provided under any circumstances. We work hard to provide regular updates to the new version based on feedback/bug reports. And we expect our users to support us by upgrading to the new major version when released.

* We normally put up minor patch updates every 4-8 weeks. Updates are based on user feedback/suggestions and bug reports. Bug reports are given highest priority and we strive to fix any reported bug within our software by the next patch update.

* Technical support is via email only using the Email Support Generator within the software. We answer emails between Monday through Friday 9 AM - 5 PM PST. It may take ~8-16 hours for us to look at your issue, because of your location, and other users pending support requests. On Weekends we try to answer emails within 24-36 hours.

* We will stop supporting a version when its end of life is reached. The exact EOL time is listed here.

As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you. We are very happy with the capabilities of the new version of Automize and are looking forward with moving ahead with our first production system based on this software. –Automize Enterprise User

Thanks for your timely response. You make a great product, and we're integrating it more and more into our daily production activities. I will try out these FTP suggestions as you've outlined. –JaSFTP User

Just wanted to compliment you folks on a great product. your product is working flawlessly! I'll definitely be purchasing it, and telling every other "IT type" I know about it! Thanks so much. –Automize User

Your program was exactly what I was looking have all the features that I require; all in one program!!–AbleFTP user